Why not learn more about Education?

June 13, 2018 @ 9:16 am

Remarkable Discoveries About Education Around the World.

School is a norm for most of us. For most people, a school is an institution that you go and meet other population of students to receive an education. That is it, for most people. However, it has been noted that this may not be the case for various countries. Featured below are eight amazing discoveries about education in various parts of the world.

The first country in China. This is based on the survey on how much homework is children provided with each week, and as conducted by the Economic Co-operation and Development. China was the leading country in giving more homework to children. In the state of Shanghai China, an average of fifteen-year-old student spends at least fourteen hours on homework in each week. Russia was the second in this list, yet the children don’t even expend ten hours of the same time on homework.

The other discovery was in Netherlands. In this country, children attend pre-school and day-care before they are their fourth year. And, exactly the first day after their fourth birthday, and the child transitions to primary school. In this way, each day becomes the first day for a particular student.

Then we have England. England is the country with the oldest and continuously operational school in the world. The King’s School, is the ancient school that was initiated in Canterbury, England in 597 AD and has never been shut down since the then. The school acts as both a day and a boarding school. However the most antique school in the entire world is the Shishi high school in China which was initiated in 141BC. Though has not been fully operational throughout

Australia , on the other hand is the country with a school that utilizes Radio learning to all its students. The Alice Springs School located in a vast and very isolated location of Alice spring offers these lessons since it’s too inaccessible for students.

The United States is leading with the number of schools such as the Spring Arbor University online that provides the academic learning and the Christian worldview education mutually.

The other discovery is with the City Montessori school, located in Lucknow, India, The highlighted school, had a record of 39,437 students in the year 2010.

Another fact is that education translates to higher earnings. According to UNESCO, every year that a student goes to school, their prospective earnings increase by 10%. In this case, if a child in developing country gets a chance to attend an extra year of schooling then it becomes valuable. In the same way, UNESCO found out that $39 billion each year could support all the adolescents to acquire education. A high number of adolescents is not able to access education.